Most awaited visit to Grand Mosque

Some wishes are like that. When the right time comes, everything will happen for sure. But the thing is that we need to be patient. Haha I am not going philosophical. This holds true for anything, mainly in most of our lives.

Front view

Since I reached Muscat , I had a wish that I couldn’t fulfill from Bahrain -Visiting the grand mosque. Although our apartment was near to the main mosque and palace in Bahrain we didn’t get a chance to visit them. Here when I came to know that the Sultan Qaboos grand mosque is near , I wanted to visit it somehow.

Side Entrance

I was always able to visit some churches back in India. It’s good to Know about different architectural designs, the construction and everything else in various places of worship.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is the only Mosque in Oman that allows non Muslim visitors. But because of the covid situation, we couldn’t enter inside the mosque. This Mosque is famous for its grand majestic and beautiful chandelier which was the biggest in the world earlier. And also the huge carpet used there was the biggest in the world earlier. Women visitors need to cover the head with a shawl if visiting inside.

Outside the mosque, it is surrounded with lush greenery and beautiful flowers. There are lot of walking path ways for visitors. Every evening so many people come there for walking or sight seeing. It’s truly a great place to spend time in the evening. We could feel so much positive energy everywhere.

The Main Garden

It was nice to walk all around and watch beautiful lights in lanterns that adds to the elegant beauty of domes and minars.

Night view

Traveling do make us story tellers

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Yes , there’s a famous and thought provoking quote from Ibn Battuta

Traveling-it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller

Ibn Battuta

No matter how small our journey is , we always will get some new experiences. And there will be something which get into our memories that will last forever.

I had a friend from my college days who always go for tripping and when he returns we all would be hearing his travel stories with so much enthusiasm. Definitely , those variant trips had turned out friend to a great story teller 🙂

If there’s a chance to get to Know about the common people living in a place, their language, culture, and their living style , then our travel experience will get more richer. Sight seeing along with these will make anyone a good story teller !

An unexpected get away

We were going to one of the Lulu malls , which is located a little away from Muscat city and our intention was to reduce the huge rush that we always used to feel in the centres located in the heart of the city. On the way, songs were playing in the car which we all were enjoying. Our usual weekends are mostly used to be like these. The road paving to the city of Al Amirat is quite beautiful with its neat and organized pathways surrounded by huge rock mountains. The journey itself is refreshing and relaxing 🙂 Everyone we see were driving so smooth and in a feel good mood.


Thus we were getting close to our destination. Suddenly, we saw a great view downwards and in surroundings. A beautiful silent wadi (river) flowing peacefully and a few people have parked their vehicles nearby and they are found enjoying being in wadi. The entire area is covered by huge mountains with no green on it! As we parked our car under a tree, we could see a few families (all wearing masks ) sitting nearby and enjoying the cook breeze. It’s sure that the place is not been touched by a lot of tourists.

Wadi Adai

The amazing crystal clear water caught our attraction to the wadi and we stepped down into it. The cool and slow flowing wadi refreshed our legs as well as our minds. Our little kid was getting down to such a crystal clear river for the first time in his life. Discovering such a nice ambience in the hot arabic nation is a rare thing I guess.

Cool crystal clear water in the wadi

While we were leaving from the place to continue our drive to lulu we thought to come back again to the same place on another day as it would be a great idea to spend time on a weekend there. Such unexpected journeys to nice destinations always have given more happiness to us.

My Oman Diaries ~ present dwelling

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Yes, Oman is where I live currently with family. Sultanate of Oman is a large country with strong history and beautiful geography. Muscat is the capital city where we have an abode. It’s in last October we moved to here. And soon fell in love with this nation.

From pixel

Qaboos bin Said was the Sultan of Oman since 1970. But within two months of our arrival to this place, we lost a great ruler. He was the longest-serving leader in the Middle East and Arab world at the time of his death. It’s obvious that he has done so much good to the entire nation and his people. Everyone loved their king.

Muttrah port cruise

Oman is one of the biggest Middle east countries and it’s income is significantly based on tourism, fish trading, dates and agriculture. As a travel lover, one will really like this place as it offers so much to explore. The place we visited first time here is the Sultan Qaboos port, commonly called as Muscat port which is the largest port in Muscat, Oman. It was our beloved friends who brought us to there. The road trip to this harbour is beautiful itself because of the special Sea view in the center of road while traveling. We feel like going into the sea and it’s wonderful definitely. The highlight is the view of two beautiful cruise ships that are owned by former Sultan. In the night they are well lightened and gives a pleasant view. The waterfront area has many seatings to spend beautiful evenings and there are a few restaurants too nearby having sea view in its rooftops and we had dinner from one too!

Port view from rooftop of a restaurant

The famous Muttrah souq makes the port side still the center of the commerce. Mutrah souq attracts lot of foreigners. And daily it witnesses a crowd of people buying souvenirs, frankincense , rich spices, special traditional omani caps called as kummahs and other handicrafts made by the local people. The traditional market which is at least a 200 years old is a must place to visit in Muscat. It’s very to safe to travel as omanis are known for their welcoming nature.

Traditional caps for sale at souq

Want to plan a guided tour to Muscat…??

It’s easy ! Click here

Al-Bahrayn ~ Memoire of the Pearl of Persian Gulf

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As I promised in my last blog, here is my description to the second part of Bahrain days.

Bahrain is home to many faiths and there are a few Hindu temples too where we go often. Among these , Sree Krishna temple is one of the oldest temples located in the center of market place. It has a beautiful architecture having mural paintings on the walls. It is built by the Hindu community in Bahrain. There is a Lord Guruvayurappan temple in Adliya which was the closest one from our place and an Ayyapa temple too. Living in a place far away from our hometown, visiting these temples often makes us peaceful and relaxing.

Near to the Manama temple, there are a few vegetarian restaurants where one can get delicious north Indian and South Indian cuisines. Gujarati tali was my favorite when we go there. Authentic Indian foods are always mouthwatering and there a lot to experience.

Typical Gujarati Tali

Qal’at al-Bahrain

Qal’at al-Bahrain also known as Bahrain fort is an archaeological site located in Karbabad. It was capital of Dilmon civilization and is a Portuguese fort having remnants from the history. There are still delmunite ruins and archaeological excavations present. Karbabad beach is next to the fort and we spent a nice evening there playing with the water and the shells.

Bahrain International Covention and Exhibition center

Bahrain International Exhibition Centre is an exhibition center in Manama. It is the country’s largest exhibition and convention facility center. There are always events happen in various trades. Having a capacity of 30000 visitors at a time, it opens wide opportunity to business and conferences. I visited there a couple of times for some shopping exhibitions which had a huge number of visitors. Literally we had to wait for long in a queue to just enter into the building. But the wait was worth as we could see a lot of nice stalls of traditional and modern dresses , vast types of jewellery , food etc.

Inside Bahrain Exhibition Center

The Avenues

The Avenues

The Avenues is the first commercial mall of such a unique kind in Kingdom of Bahrain. The stunning seafront area along the Bahrain bay is what actually making it so beautiful and variant. We were lucky that it was just opened then in October 2017 when we landed the city. The waterfront shopping center has lot many shops featuring gyms, playing grounds, waterfront restaurants and cafes , souvenir shops, cinemas etc. The mall also features a water taxi service that transports passengers to and from the development, from various jetties around Bahrain.

At The Avenues

Life in Kingdom of Bahrain-Memories ❤️

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Bahrain is a small beautiful nation comprising of so many seas. We lived in Gudabia area of capital city Manama. Bahrain is famous for its natural pearls and oil.The capital of Bahrain is the trading center and financial hub in the Persian Gulf. Its skyline includes two sets of twin towers, the World Trade Center and the Financial Harbor towers. The key attraction there is the Al-Fateh Mosque which is made of marble, impresses with its large dome made of fiberglass that brightens at night.

Sunset in the city of Manama

Riffa Fort

One of the first places we visited in Bahrain is Riffa fort which is the traditional fort made in the 19th century. It’s architecture is Bahraini style and is made of clay.Riffa Fort is known as Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Fort and offers a splendid view across the Hunanaiya valley. And we feel so refreshing while standing there and enjoying the city views. Historical significance adds value for this fort.

Tree of Life

 If you are looking for a piece of miraculous nature in Bahrain, you’ll find it under the shade of this 400-year-old majestic tree. This tree is a popular tourist destination and we went there in an evening. It is located a little far from the city if Bahrain and can enjoy a long car drive to reach there. The tree stands fresh and big after surviving long time of history and it’s really amazing to see it at such a desert in the outskirts of Bahrain.

Night view

Bahrain Bay Beach

Bahrain Bay is a public Beach in Bahrain and it’s so nice to spend a peaceful evening there.

King Fahd Causeway-Saudi Bridge

The King Fahd Causeway is a series of bridges and causeways connecting Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. At 25 km., the western terminus of the causeway is the al-Khour neighbourhood of Khobar, Saudi Arabia and the eastern terminus is Al Jasra, Bahrain. It has been recorded for its great number of visitors since its opening. With just half an hour travel from the city, we reached the bridge and it’s really a beautiful thing to see. Two countries are linked with a long bridge. It’s a picnic place and I remember we took many pics from there 🙂

Ray of Hope

Will cover other places that I have visited in Bahrain on my next blog 🙂 Check that too !

Travel during the covid pandemic

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The world surely is passing through a saddest phase because of covid 19 pandemic. Most of the nations are in its hold. At this time people have to stay safe at home. Many are finding it very difficult though. Yes, this is a new thing for us. But this is inevitable.

Since the end of 2019, covid spread has started at least in China first , eventually spreading to more countries. That also in a fast pace. Many weren’t aware first, slowly they started knowing the situation better.

New hopes

A sad truth to tell now is that just forget travelling for now, but reminisce those beautiful journey days and keep calm. This is going to pass soon too. World will remain the same ; the beautiful nature, historic streets ; sunsets and mountains. World will be back with more energy and positivity. Humans will win this test too.

Essentials for a Travel blog : in my perspective

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I have a so long interest in travelling since my childhood , may be it would be to a short distance or it can be to long distances. Travel as the word itself means, if we do it to a long distance , that will be more entertaining. Even more interesting will be that if we can narrate it to others who also want to travel like that, who wants to know other place’s geography, lifestyle of the people living there, food and culture. I have an equal liking in photography too so that I can add my own travel photos for my blog.

Wadi at Muscat

So coming on to the point, which will be the topics I include for a travel blog. Well, most important and first thing that comes to my mind is how to plan a trip and when is the right time to go to a place. This is essential to know when we plan to go to a long distant place where weather conditions, most primarily, are different from ours. Also in some places ,there would be some restrictions perhaps. So we need to check all that before we go to the destinations. So I can give information on this topic on my blogs like ‘ Perfect time to go’ to a particular place.

Muscat city view from flight

Next, ‘how to pack a bag for a perfect travel experience’ is important. To some places where we have to trek and all , if we bring extra luggage that would entirely ruin our free bird experience and rather it would be feel as a burden. So only those items which are essential should be taken along with the traveller.

Carry less luggage

It is a must to explain our journey experience in a great scheduled manner that entertains reader and makes themselves feel like they have accompanied in our journey. If we’re able to create such a feeling in their minds, that is our contentment as a writer. As a travelogue lover I always choose such books that include the traveller’s personal experiences and in which the local culture, food , traditions, and the natures’ geography of a region are described. So I will also try to include all them in my blog to make it more appealing. Hence the major topic to include in blog is definitely the ‘Journey description else Travelogue’.

Another topic on which we can write so much would be the ‘History and geography of our destination’. If we’re travelling to a natural place or to a city , both will be having so much to say from their inner hearts. If we do a little search on internet, we’ll be able to understand all such facts regarding a place. So some people would be there who are keen on these information while making a trip.

‘Food and restaurants’ can be a single powerful topic in the travel blog as the various nukes and corners all around the world have so many variants in their food style and eating habits. Most of the people would be loving to read the rich and local traditional food tastes among the travel blogs. So this is a perfect place to get a good amount of audience to read. I’ve seen in some travelogues the writer would even mention some local food recipes that they felt to be awesome and different and also want others to taste it!

I love to read travelogues and I have been reading some travel blogs too. So hope it would be a nice idea to create blogs on ‘Reviews of my favourite travelogues that I read’ . This can even make others to know many more places that I have already visited. The overall review of a book on travel will help others to get to know the place described in the book easier too.

I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book

J K Rowling

As I have an equal interest on photography there would definitely be a space in my blog where I can showcase the photos of places, food, people on my trip. I think pictures can speak more than words. Also the best photo scenic places where we can click good pictures on the trip and ‘How to take good pictures’ can also be explained in our blog.

‘Tips and advices’ would be another thing I might add on my blog. It can be any, like planning the journey, transport idea, accommodation, food to try or essential things to carry etc. Nowadays common people search so much on the internet before going for a trip. And many are availing information from many blogs. So it can be a hobby for us as well as helping others for a great travel experience or at least a good reading experience! 

First time in an Arabian country

It was in 2017 by October month, I first landed in an Arab nation. That was my first international flight journey too. The flight travelled over so many deserts , sea’s, clouds and cities . That was pretty wonderful experience. I knew that I am going to live in a beautiful place called Bahrain .

Arabian desert

Bahrain is a small and beautiful country in the earth. Officially it is called as Kingdom of Bahrain. It is actually an island nation that comprises of so many small Islands, both natural and artificial.

Kingdom of Bahrain

I was too excited to travel all around my new city… And here starts my story of journey with Bahrain ❤️

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